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The Move of the Wailing Women

The move of the Wailing Women started in Nigeria May, 1998 with a cry from God's heart to His daughters concerning the spiritual state of the Church and the Nigerian nation.  Through a prophetic utterance, the Lord specifically asked that women be raised from the 36 states of Nigeria (across denominational boundaries) to intercede for the Church and the Nation.  He promised that if women came before Him in true repentance, He would avert the impending judgment on the nation.

The Vision of the Wailing Women

The move of the "Wailing Women" is essentially a call to prayer.  It is the Lord Himself raising thousands of Spirit-filled women to labor in fervent intercession for the cleansing and unity of the Universal Church and the Nations of the world.  Wailing Women stand in the gap for their families, neighborhoods, the church and all those who are perishing in the world.  The call of the Wailing Women is contained in Jeremiah 9:17 "Thus saith the Lord of hosts, consider ye and call for the mourning women, that they may come; and send for cunning women; that they may take up a wailing for us that our eyes may run down with tears, and our eyelids gush out with water."       


A Global Army

The vision for this work is global and membership is open to women from all walks of life, all strata of society, and different Christian denominations and races.  For efficient administration, each country has a team of Coordinators at the national, regional, and state levels.  At the international level, there are 12 Coordinators and 12 Coordinators on the National level.  The emphasis is on teamwork and the ultimate aim is to raise servant leaders who can do God's work in God's way. Wailing Women are now mobilized in over 70 nations of the world.

A Short History Of The Move Of The Wailing Women Worldwide.