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The Facilitators

Vision – To ensure that God’s kingdom purposes are accomplished.

Mission – Garner resources and develop networks to support the work of the ministry and movement locally, nationally, and globally.

The Facilitators’ Department was born out of a prophetic mandate to facilitate the work. We are called, trained, and equipped by God to go and ensure that the kingdom’s purposes are accomplished. They possess a plethora of knowledge across a diversity of disciplines and serve joyfully as a network using their talents and resources to advance God’s work. They also serve as advocates that minister to the hurting and the lost. They offer hope and help by representing the voice, hands, and feet of the Lord Jesus Christ to a world in crisis.

The goal is to establish linkages and access resources to support the global mission.

Recruit more workers and expand the work throughout the nations.

Engage people from all levels of society to minister healing and bring comfort.

Provide resources and support National and international projects.

Wailing Daughters and Sons

Wailing Daughters and Sons is the succession plan of Wailing Women Worldwide. Our Daughters and Son are being raised to take over the work from mothers and fathers.


Wailing Daughters and Sons have a mission to:

  • Raise an army of informed young people, firmly rooted in the knowledge of God’s Word who will redeem the land through prophetic intercession
  • Recover youths held captive by satanic forces and raise a godly generation of believers in all spheres in influence in society


The Vision of Wailing Daughters and Sons is to raise a generation that will continue the work of effective and fervent intercession for families, the Church, and the nations

WDS Children Prayer line Ages 4-11
848-220-3100 code:  8777696#
Tuesdays; 8:00-8:30 ET

WDS Teens Prayer line Ages 12-17
848-220-3100 code 8777696#
Thursdays; 8:00 – 8:30 ET

WDS Young Adults Prayer line Ages 18-25
Thursdays; 8:00-9:00 ET
Zoom Meeting ID: 851 4898 6481
Passcode: 327067

Polished Arrows

(Young adults ages 25-40)


The Polished Arrows are an arm of Wailing Women Worldwide. They are a vital link between the Wailing Daughters and Sons and the older generation of Wailing Women.  They bridge the generational gap through intentional and effective mentoring and serve as a succession plan for the Move of Wailing Women Worldwide (2 Timothy 2:2).


The Mission of the Polished Arrows is to create a mentoring platform to sustain the vision of Wailing Women Worldwide among young adults and to help encourage the young married ones to cope with the challenges of raising God fearing families and keeping the Christian faith through the generations.

Wailing Widows Ministry

Vision – Empowered voices in society demonstrating courage and rising above limitations through fervent prayer and obedience to God.

Mission – The Widows ministry exist to serve faithfully as vessels in our generation to reveal the mind of God.

The Widows Ministry of Wailing Women Worldwide is comprised of women that have experienced the loss of their husbands. Their comfort is in knowing that God himself has become their protector and provider. Scripture References: Isaiah 54:4-5; Psalm 146:9.

The goal is to establish Widows’ groups in all local areas throughout the states and nations around the world to be taught the purpose of God for our lives in widowhood.

· Restore the dignity of womanhood in the state of widowhood.

· Encourage widows to depend on God as provider and protector.

· Empowered to comfort others and plant the word and love of God in their hearts.

Men Aglow

The Men Aglow is a move of God, though initiated by the Wailing Women Worldwide as an arm to bring all the men together who are either husbands of the Wailing Women or have had any dealings with the Wailing Women as they carry the gospel across the nations of the world.

We are like the Baraks who God has charged with the mandate to fight with Deborah the Prophetess in conquering King Jabin and His Army who had oppressed Israel for 20 years (Judges 4).

Over the years, it is becoming clearer that God wants us to go to all the over 110 nations of the world that the Wailing Women ministry has already saturated with God’s presence and power, to harness the men so that we can jointly carry this move of God all over the World.

VISION—To see husbands and men assume their roles as priests with a passion to be role models of God’s Kingdom in their homes and communities and also disciple other men to do the same.

MISSION—To be pillars of support to the Wailing Women ministry as well as torch bearers of God’s Kingdom to the nations of the world.

  1. Top in our priority is to advance the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ to men and husbands in the nations and influence their families positively through intercession, training and disciplined family leadership for the purpose of establishing God’s Kingdom principles in our homes.
  2. Reaching out to the Nations where Wailing Women Worldwide have established their bases with the objective of discipling fellow men and husbands.
  3. Establishing missionary outposts, discipleship centers, medical philanthropic units, and church planting where required.
  4. Attending regional conferences, conventions, summits and seminars of the Wailing Women Worldwide with a message of the right family values and roles of fathers as coaches in the home.
  5. Developing the message of marriage enrichment of families.
  6. Holding Men Aglow conferences in continents of the world.
  7. Bringing Wailing Daughters and Sons in spiritual unity with parents and developing common social grounds and a community of dedicated leaders.
  8. Reaching out to Wailing Widows and other widows with the love of Jesus Christ.
  9. Willing to release our wives for the Wailing Women Worldwide ministry work when and wherever they are needed.
  10. Eager to support the Wailing Women ministry financially, to enable them fulfill God’s mandate.

In the USA, Men Aglow has a prayer line where they virtually pray together.


Prayer Line: 202-926-1127

Code: 629059#

Meeting schedule:

1st Sunday of the month – General Meeting

Last Sunday of the month – Testimonies and Communion

Other Sundays and Every Wednesday – Teaching and Prayer Fellowship

All meetings begin from 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (8:00 p.m. Central Time).