The Wailing Women Worldwide movement is structured to provide maximum impact and outreach capability.
International Coordinators

The International Coordinators provide the global leadership of the Wailing Women Wailing Women. They oversee the work of the move in all nations and continents of the globe. They are fondly called the “International Mothers.”​

Continental Coordinators for the

The Continental Coordinators for the Americas provide leadership for North America, Latin America, and South America. They are responsible for outreach into those countries where the Wailing Women is not currently present as well as supervise existing chapters within the continent.

National Coordinators USA

The National Coordinators are charged with overseeing the work of the Wailing Women Worldwide within the United States of America. There are twelve women in the US National Coordinating team. The team is headed by a national Head coordinator.

US Regional, State, and Chapter

The United States was divided into regions with Regional Coordinators appointed to work with the US National Coordinators in planting new chapters and other leadership responsibilities.
State Coordinators are responsible for activities within their states. They are charged with growing the ministry of the Wailing Women in their respective states.
In many states, there are Wailing Women Chapters, which are local to a city or region of the state. In such situations, Chapter Coordinators are tasked with running these chapters.