He that dwelleth in the secret place
of the Most High shall abide under
the shadow of the Almighty

About Us

A Brief History of the Move
of the Wailing Women Worldwide

The full name of this move is Women Intercessors for the Church and the Nations (a.k.a. Wailing Women Worldwide). The move started in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in May 1998 with a cry from God’s heart to His daughters concerning the spiritual state of the Church and the Nigerian nation. Through prophetic utterance, the Lord specifically asked that women be raised from the 36 States of Nigeria (across denominational boundaries) to intercede for the church and the nation. He promised that if women came before Him in true repentance, He would avert the impending judgment on the nation. From that first mobilization effort, the women have held several solemn assemblies, in the regions and in various nations around the world.

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The Mandate

The major work of the Wailing Women Worldwide is to serve as prophetic gate keepers or “watchmen” for their homes, their nations, and the church. They are to travail in prayers until the will of God is done in every sector of life, in every nation and in the world.

  • The Wailing women are called and commissioned by the Lord to do the following.
  • Mourn, sigh, and bring repentance before God regarding the level of violence and sin in the world. The abominations taking place all over the world should burden our hearts to pray.
  • Teach our daughters how to wail and our neighbors how to bring lamentation for sin before.
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Join us for prayer 24/7

Dial-in Number: +1 (848) 220-3100
Conference ID: 26262455#
Monthly Prayer

Projects The City of Refuge

Vision – Provide a high-quality medical facility in the City of Refuge to empower and implement personalized medical care
for individuals in the context of their families and the community. Mission – The holistic development and empowerment
of members with Godly values and skills; to influence Nations positively through intercession, training, and

Organizational Structure

The Wailing Women Worldwide movement is structured to provide maximum impact and outreach capability

International Coordinators

The International Coordinators provide the global leadership of the Wailing Women Wailing Women. They oversee the work of the move in all nations and continents of the globe. They are fondly called the “International Mothers.”

Continental Coordinators for the

The Continental Coordinators for the Americas provide leadership for North America, Latin America, and South America. They are responsible for outreach into those countries where the Wailing Women is not currently present as well as supervise existing chapters within the continent

National Coordinators USA

The National Coordinators are charged with overseeing the work of the Wailing Women Worldwide within the United States of America. There are twelve women in the US National Coordinating team. The team is headed by a national Head coordinator

US Regional, State, and Chapter

The United States was divided into regions with Regional Coordinators appointed to work with the US National Coordinators in planting new chapters and other leadership responsibilities.

Recent Events

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Wailing Daughters And Sons

Wailing Daughters and Sons is the succession plan of Wailing Women Worldwide. Our Daughters and Son are being raised to take over the work from mothers and fathers.

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