The Facilitators

Vision – To ensure that God’s kingdom purposes are accomplished.

Mission – Garner resources and develop networks to support the work of the ministry and movement locally, nationally, and globally.

The Facilitators’ Department was born out of a prophetic mandate to facilitate the work. We are called, trained, and equipped by God to go and ensure that the kingdom’s purposes are accomplished. They possess a plethora of knowledge across a diversity of disciplines and serve joyfully as a network using their talents and resources to advance God’s work. They also serve as advocates that minister to the hurting and the lost. They offer hope and help by representing the voice, hands, and feet of the Lord Jesus Christ to a world in crisis.

The goal is to establish linkages and access resources to support the global mission.

· Recruit more workers and expand the work throughout the nations.

· Engage people from all levels of society to minister healing and bring comfort.

· Provide resources and support National and international projects.