The Mandate

The major work of the Wailing Women Worldwide is to serve as prophetic gate keepers or “watchmen” for their homes, their nations, and the church. They are to travail in prayers until the will of God is done in every sector of life, in every nation and in the world.

The Wailing women are called and commissioned by the Lord to do the following:

  • Mourn, sigh, and bring repentance before God regarding the level of violence and sin in the world. The abominations taking place all over the world should burden our hearts to pray.
  • Teach our daughters how to wail and our neighbors how to bring lamentation for sin before God (Jeremiah 9:20).
  • Serve as messengers to the nations from the Lord God Almighty (Num. 22:27-33). Therefore, we have to go at His command to every part of the globe where He sends us on errands (Jeremiah 1:5-8):
  • To root out evil and wickedness wherever it is found
  • To raise righteous standards all over the world
  • To help build God’s house, even the Church of Jesus Christ
  • To help plant the engrafted word of God in the hearts of men and ensure that the will of God is done in our nations.
  • To pray for the restoration of all that the enemy has stolen from families, communities, and nations (Isaiah 58:12) to serve as part of God’s end time trumpeters to call the church back to the old pathway of holiness.
  • Expand the frontiers of the kingdom of God on earth by building altars of righteousness unto the God of heaven (Exodus 20:24-25).
  • Help gather the body of believers in every nation for solemn assemblies to repair their individual, city, national and continental altars (Joel 2:15-18).