Wailing Widows Ministry

Vision – Empowered voices in society demonstrating courage and rising above limitations through fervent prayer and obedience to God.

Mission – The Widows ministry exist to serve faithfully as vessels in our generation to reveal the mind of God.

The Widows Ministry of Wailing Women Worldwide is comprised of women that have experienced the loss of their husbands. Their comfort is in knowing that God himself has become their protector and provider. Scripture References: Isaiah 54:4-5; Psalm 146:9.

The goal is to establish Widows’ groups in all local areas throughout the states and nations around the world to be taught the purpose of God for our lives in widowhood.

· Restore the dignity of womanhood in the state of widowhood.

· Encourage widows to depend on God as provider and protector.

· Empowered to comfort others and plant the word and love of God in their hearts.