The City of Refuge

The City of Refuge is a self-sustaining community pioneered by the Wailing Women Worldwide. It is located on 100 acres of land at Abara in Eteche Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. The scope of the project includes 10,000 capacity Auditorium/Amphitheater, Administrative building, Prayer Tower/garden, Resource Centre/Library, Educational facilities (Nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary), Health Centre, Recreational facilities, Co-operative Ventures (Agric, Bank, Shopping plaza, Hotel etc.), Rehabilitation Centre, Skills acquisition Centre, Residential Area, Orphanage, Home for the Elderly, Police Station, Fire Station and Generator/Power plant.

This huge project is ongoing. We solicit your financial support. You can donate towards it using the “Support Us” button. Please state the purpose of your donation. For example, “Support for the City of Refuge.”

Medical Mission

Vision – Provide a high-quality medical facility in the City of Refuge to empower and implement personalized medical care for individuals in the context of their families and the community.

Mission – The holistic development and empowerment of members with Godly values and skills; to influence Nations positively through intercession, training, and enhancement. To raise disciplined leaders for the purpose of establishing God’s kingdom principles in every domain in the nations.

The goal of Medical Missions in the City of Refuge is to provide high quality medical care:

  • Offer integrated medical care in healing environment
  • Improve quality of life for individuals, families, and communities
  • Strategically impact healthcare and the health care delivery system

For additional Information:

Global Transformation Agenda (GTA)

mandate to transform nations for the establishment of God’s kingdom.

Mission- To expand disciplined leaders on every domain in the nations to establish God’s kingdom principles to have positive impact on every sphere of influence.

Goal to have a collective plan and strategy outlined to positively impact the seven spheres of influence in our nation.

  • Mandate of righteous transformation.
  • Reach out to society’s soul and spirit.
  • Groom youths to take in godly values and release them to positively affect other youths for God’s kingdom.